The Retreat

The Retreat is a boutique rural-residential estate, situated at the Reserve Road end of Brygon Creek Road in Upper Coomera.  It comprises 12 Lots with areas ranging from around 2,500m2 to 3,000m2, most of which have rural outlooks.  The estate features substantial landscaping including lakes and gardens, and has a Community Title Scheme (Body Corporate) which manages the maintenance of these.

This estate was released some time ago but Adler Realty was only appointed as Marketing Agent in 2010 following a succession of previous arrangements which had limited success. The Retreat suffered from buyer resistance due to several factors including the Body Corporate cost. However, we have successfully sold all available Lots with a total realisation of $3.6M, and have also successfully negotiated the re-sale of a Lot that came back onto the market at an increased realisation.